Tuesday, October 09, 2007

GPhone's secret weapon

On the heels of the recent NYT article about the GooglePhone, TechCrunch weighs in. The speculation is that the GPhone will be implemented on a variety of devices, each running at least a subset of the mobile OS and apps. It will compete against Windows Mobile, not the iPhone. The platform will be open, with developers creating free applications in the same way they do for Facebook. And TechCrunch thinks it will work because of a little thing called AdSense:
If Google can get enough Gphones into consumers hands, the apps will follow. Because Google has a secret weapon here that no one else has—not even Apple. It’s called AdSense. If Google were to tie its mobile application development platform to its existing advertising platform, it could share future mobile advertising revenues with developers the same way it splits ad revenues with Web publishers today. Mobile app developers would flock to a platform that let them share in some of that Google ad money. Of course, the carriers and phone manufacturers might want their cut as well. But in a mobile scenario, it makes more sense to let each app developer help determine how and what types of ads are shown.
The More Gphones, the Better

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