Monday, October 08, 2007

Ron Paul's net work

Via Andrew Sullivan, an interesting article about how Ron Paul's campaign is gaining online traction. I don't think Paul has a serious chance at being President, particularly since he has not managed to form many coalitions during his time in Congress, but his online campaign is fascinating:
So the big question in this story is not why Ron Paul is gaining traction – his ideas have been out there for decades – but rather why now and not ten or fifty years ago. The answer is simply that the technology just now exists for like-minded individuals to form geography independent groupings that are capable of effective action at very low overhead and that do not rely upon any of the state or establishment apparatus.
This is exactly the sort of phenomenon I'm describing in Net Work (I finished editing the manuscript late last week). Interesting to see how it plays out in different contexts.
The Ron Paul Nation by Jay Roberts

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