Sunday, February 15, 2009

Update on titling my new project (bumped to top)

Originally posted 2/9/09; update below.

A few days ago, I invited people to suggest titles for my new project, a popular text (blog, book, probably both) about loose work arrangements in Austin. So far, the entries have included the following:
  • cgbrooke: Attack of the Telecommutants!!
  • spinuzzi: adhocracy
  • spinuzzi: "the pick-up economy"
  • billhd: Quirk* *(Co-Work, really fast)
  • johnmjones: "The Clay Spin Zone."
  • aprudy: Ac-knowledging Austin
  • johnmjones: 'The Funtastic Workatoriums of Dr. Clay'
  • billhd: Austin's "Invention Class"
  • mkgold: Working Out: How Social Networks Reshape Organizational Structures
  • jdhancock: "The Clay Spin."
  • honeyl: Ambient Workability
  • honeyl: Office Dispersion
  • honeyl: Atelier Diaspora
  • siquecountry: alt!Office
  • siquecountry: teleCommune: jellys, conjectures and other alternative workspaces
  • cgbrooke: Smart Jobs
  • cgbrooke: The Workplace of Crowds
  • ifss:
  • ifss: Cutting Loose in Austin: How the Live Music Capital became the Web Worker Capital
  • socialtechno: CrowdWhoring
  • socialtechno: MeLancing
  • socialtechno: DeliWorking
  • socialtechno: CrunkArbeit
  • siquecountry: Business Casual
  • siquecountry: Co-Work: Using loose places and Jelly spaces to work, freelance and connect.
  • jcsalterego: The Untold Stories of Digital Nomads
  • jobsworth: weird work
  • jobsworth: wrok
  • jcsalterego: Digital Nomads
There are some real gems in here. Do you have a favorite -- or do you think you have a better idea? Why don't you tweet with the hashtag #spinuzzi-project and I'll add your feedback to the list. If you don't have a account, feel free to drop your suggestions here in the comments. Looking forward to seeing what you think.

Update 2/15:
  • People have added the following entries:
  • spinuzzi: Spliced
  • averysmalldog: Work 2.0
  • twitt_ercoryb: the real cloud computing
  • spinuzzi: hyperworkspace
  • @spinuzzi "adhocracy"
  • djteknokid: office 2.0
  • djteknokid: workspace 2.0
  • spinuzzi: So close in, yet so far out
  • spinuzzi: Work on everywhere
  • spinuzzi: Outer workspace
  • johnmjones: Jelly
  • cwood: Working Where You Work Best
  • jade_girl work space
  • spinuzzi: work, spaced
These are some great suggestions. But reading through them, I'm having trouble finding a direct hit, and I think that's because the project is still too underdefined. So I'll let this cook a while longer, define it more carefully, and move from there. Thanks so much, all, for some great suggestions.

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