Wednesday, February 28, 2007

GlobalIncidentsMap - analyzing suspicious incidents with mashups from publicly available information

The other day I mentioned Lewis Shepherd's work with the Defense Intelligence Agency, which involves RSS feeds, wikis -- and mashups. Wired's Danger Room mentions the interview as well, and adds this ostensibly unrelated example:
Check out It's an attempt to create a worldwide, constantly-updated account of pretty much all the suspicious activities on the planet, from airport bomb scares to assassination attempts to packages left at bus stations. Every incident is plotted on Google Maps. And every incident is linked to a relevant news story, if available.

They add an update from a correspondent in the intelligence community:

"Simply put, we have things that are better than  How do I know?  Because we contacted the kid who does it last year, when we first noticed it (we notice a lot) and asked how he does it."

WIRED Blogs: Danger Room

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