Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Reminding people of what you've done

On her blog, Clancy asks:
On another note, I just want to express how frustrating and irritating it is when I send stuff to people a couple of weeks or a month early, they forget all about it, then they snipe about my tardiness. What does one do about this? I want to send items out as soon as I have them done; do I also have to send reminders that I sent the items?

Answer: Yes! You may want to calendar the actual due date and send them an email the day before, reminding them that you've supplied the information and asking if they need anything further. Do this as a reply/forward so they can see the original timestamp.

A complementary strategy is to require some positive action from them when you turn something in. "When you get this, could you send me your thoughts?" "Once you have a chance to process this, I'm going to need X from you." Put the ball back in their court; the best defense, etc.

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