Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More on MySpace catching up with Facebook

First, MySpace signed on to OpenSocial, meaning that perhaps we'll see third-party apps interoperating with it in a more distributed manner than Facebook does with its apps. Now, MySpace is adding a number of features, including Friends Updates, which are similar to Facebook News Feeds. But:
There are a number of key differences between Facebook News Feeds and MySpace Friends Updates. A key focus of the product appears to be not pissing off users. Other differences allow more granular control of news distribution.
Let's hope. My Facebook news feed has been cluttered lately by people giving each other gifts and turning each other into zombies. I'd love to be able to filter those out while retaining a social dashboard that can inform me of what I deem to be important about my contacts.

Frankly, Facebook needs to go back and get this right too. People have talked about the possibility that Facebook will roll over business networking site LinkedIn once it institutes levels of privacy. But I'm assuming that LinkedIn doesn't tell its members about zombie fights and so forth. Perhaps not coincidentally, LinkedIn is rumored to be News Corp's next acquisition target. Would it be that difficult to buy the brand, apply it to a more professionally designed version of MySpace, and have the two faces run off essentially the same codebase? Just blue skying here.

Screenshots And Details On Upcoming MySpace “News Feeds”

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