Saturday, December 01, 2007

Google Apps to soon support project management?

That's the word from Scott Johnston, former VP of Product Development at Jot, who now works at Google (which bought Jot).
First, Google Sites, an evolution of Google Page Creator, will launch in 2008. Google Sites will be based on JotSpot collaboration tools and will allow businesses to create intranets, project management tracking, extranets and other custom sites.
My emphasis. People have been speculating that Google was going to get into the PM game since Jot was bought last year. This is going to be a big deal for the emerging PM market, no matter how well or badly Google executes it, simply because it's Google Apps-related.

Here's something else:
* Will Google Apps support video conferencing in addition to Google Talk and Chat? Scott’s answer, “Not yet”. I got the impression from his body language that it’ll come someday, but nothing more was said.

Skype supports video conferencing, and Google is rumored to be considering a Skype acquisition. Skype's current owner, eBay, has a case of buyer's remorse.

Google Reveals 2008 Plans For Google Apps

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