Thursday, April 17, 2008

Creating listservs for SMS

That's basically the idea of this startup. Seems like Twitter should have this capability. Something like this would be useful for rapidly organizing cohorts at events such as conferences.
If you are looking for a rapid and free way to send a text message to an entire group then txtmob has the solution you have been looking for. To get started, simply go to and register your email address along with your cell phone number and the carrier. Instantly, you will receive an SMS message from txt mob containing an authorization code that you must enter at to complete registration. After registering, you can either join existing groups or make your own. You and your co-workers could join together and send messages to the entire group either online or by sending a text message to “ This is most certainly the easiest and cheapest way of sending and receiving group messages available.
Update: Guy Kewney points to this post, but inaccurately attributes the last sentence of the above block quote to me. The block quote comes from the linked source and was probably submitted by the startup itself. I do not endorse the service, I just note the capability and the trend. - Send and Receive Group Text Messages | Visit
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