Friday, April 18, 2008

Robert Reich, Bill Clinton's first Secretary of Labor ...

is apparently going to endorse Obama. That's not the part that amuses me. Here's how he's described in the New York News:
The endorsement in question is that of Robert Reich, Bill Clinton's first Secretary of Labor and a friend of both the former president and his wife for four decades.
But the two actually had a date in college. How strange would it be for someone you had dated to endorse someone else?

Heilemann: Robert Reich to Endorse Obama -- Daily Intel -- New York News Blog -- New York Magazine
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1 comment:

bonnie lenore kyburz said...

right. but so, beyond the connection: despite the piece's intented purpose, to note a particular endorsement for *Hilary*, Bill still gets first mention. And Hilary is referred to as "the wife," effectively, "the little lady." ew.

but, ugh, i don't want to be so embarrassed for Hilary, but her whole affect is killing me. maybe it's a ploy to ensure that Obama gets the vote, but that's not going. entirely. well.