Tuesday, April 15, 2008

There are languages missing

Via my flagger, a meditation on how citizen journalism is reported in the established media. The case is that of the blogger who attended Sen. Obama's fundraiser and heard his controversial characterization of rural Pennsylvanians. But the broader issue is one that will be hashed out quite regularly going forward, I think. Who broke the story -- a newspaper, a special interest group, a campaign staffer? Or did it just come from nowhere, the way Tim Russert portrayed it?
We're in uncharted territory here. There are languages missing. People get mad when they don't know what to call things. So much so that Mike Allen of the Politico in 12 reasons 'bitter' is bad for Obama couldn't even find the word "website" to describe the Huffington Post, which became in his tortured rendering, "a liberally oriented organization that was Obama's outlet of choice when he wanted to release a personal statement distancing himself from some comments by the Rev. Wright." Sounds like a shadowy 527 group.
Jay Rosen: The Uncharted: From Off The Bus to Meet the Press - Off The Bus on The Huffington Post
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